If you’re like me, then when you started school you thought it would take 4 years to finish.  This isn’t necessarily the case.  Especially if your bilingual.  There are many ways to get credit for being able to speak more languages.

When I started school I heard that you could test out of a language.  After looking into it I found that I could take Spanish 3050 and get all the credits for each class that built up to 3050.  The amazing thing is that it was 19 credits total which is over a full semester of  college.  After I finished the class I had to spend about $150 for the 16 credits for preceding classes.   I automatically got the  3 credits for taking the class.   So again that’s 19 total credit hours for a 3 credit class.

Key point – Test out of as many classes as you can.  If you’re bilingual look into taking an advanced class and then purchase the credits that lead up to it.


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