Lots of people hear the word scholarship and automatically tune out.  Reasons they may tune out might be because they don’t get very good grades, or maybe they don’t want to spend the time to apply because they don’t think there is anyway that they would ever receive a scholarship.  Whatever your reason may be, let me help you change your mind.  Scholarships indeed are awarded for academics and for having a high GPA, however most universities have thousands, if not millions of dollars to award for a number of different reasons. Private scholarships are out there waiting to be given out.  For example when my wife was first starting college she applied for a number of different scholarships…She ended up not paying for her first four semesters of college due to scholarships.  She received a local one from a credit union for her service she had done while in high school.  She also received a private scholarship from a lady who selected her because she liked that she had grown up on a farm, and figured that made her a hard worker.  Because of these two things she decided to give her money for books and tuition.  There are scholarships available for people of different races and ethnicity’s.  There are scholarships available for sports, service, different majors offer scholarships, and the list goes on and on.  So next semester don’t find yourself brushing off applying for scholarships.  Just apply!



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