There are some that might argue with me about how e-books are less expensive, better for the environment, and weigh a lot less. However, It’s not necessarily the least expensive, paper is biodegradable and you might not even need to take your textbooks to class with you. In fact I’ve noticed that most textbooks are rarely used in class.

Lets talk about price differences. When looking into buying a textbook last semester I found out something that was very interesting. Online I found I could purchase a brand new textbook for one of my classes at about $100. I then did a bit more searching and saw that I could purchase the down loadable e-book for my Ipad at $80. This was upsetting. Here are a few reasons why. First, publishers claim that a major reason for textbooks being so expensive is because they cost so much to make. This proved to me that the paper obviously isn’t that major after all. I mean really? I’m seeing only a $20 difference in initial price and I can’t sell the e-book to anyone to make any money back.

Now lets cover the “better for the environment” claim. I really doubt that an ipad, laptop, iphone or even a Kindle can biodegrade as quickly as a paper textbook. The only thing even arguable is that we cut down more trees.

If your professors aren’t going to use the textbook that you buy in class then it doesn’t matter if you have a backpack full of textbooks that weighs ten million pounds.  You can just leave your heavy textbook at home on the shelf.  However, if you have an occasional class that the teacher uses the textbook often maybe it would be worth it for you to look into buying an e-book.


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