Textbook Strategy – Buying Previous Editions

One day while shopping in Beat the Bookstore I noticed that the owner was flipping through two books side by side.  He told me that the publishing company had yet again released a new edition and he wanted to compare the third edition (the older)  to the fourth (the newer).  He found while flipping through the newer one that very few changes had actually been made.  He recommended that I buy the older edition at  a fraction of the cost.  I am now in my sophomore year of college and have been able to do this each semester, saving hundreds of dollars.  Occasionally when a professor asks us to turn to a certain page I find that I have to turn one page in front, or one page behind the page that the rest of the class is looking at in their newer edition.  This is the biggest problem that I have found.  Occasionally I have a different picture too! For the most part jumping from three to four, for example the books are almost identical.


Graduate quicker by getting extra credit hours.

If you’re like me, then when you started school you thought it would take 4 years to finish.  This isn’t necessarily the case.  Especially if your bilingual.  There are many ways to get credit for being able to speak more languages.

When I started school I heard that you could test out of a language.  After looking into it I found that I could take Spanish 3050 and get all the credits for each class that built up to 3050.  The amazing thing is that it was 19 credits total which is over a full semester of  college.  After I finished the class I had to spend about $150 for the 16 credits for preceding classes.   I automatically got the  3 credits for taking the class.   So again that’s 19 total credit hours for a 3 credit class.

Key point – Test out of as many classes as you can.  If you’re bilingual look into taking an advanced class and then purchase the credits that lead up to it.